The Game Of Hashtags

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

The hashtags are fun to use and actually useful too, but only if the usage is done correctly. Every social media platform has a different way of promoting hashtags.

How To Use Hashtags On Different Social Media Channels ?

“Hashtag was first ever used in Twitter on August 24th 2007 by Chris Messina"

He wrote “how do you feel about using # symbol for groups”. So basically, he was mentioning what if we segregate different topics of conversations using different hashtags. And now we are in 2020, and we are still using hashtags for every other social media post and exactly for the same purpose, “To segregate posts into different categories or topics” Though the core purpose of hashtags is to differentiate different topics but the way every social media uses hashtags is different.

The number of hashtags you should be using on your posts depend on which social media you are on. Hash tagging is a good strategy, but it is not equally beneficial for all the media.


Although Facebook makes the hashtags clickable and people can find your content using hashtags, but adding hashtags in Facebook doesn’t give your post better reach as it does on Instagram. And ideally you should not be using hashtags at all for Facebook posts because studies have shown that Facebook posts without hashtags tend to perform better than the posts with hashtags. This is because Facebook is mostly for searching people or groups or pages. So, most of the people would not search anything on Facebook using hashtags


Although twitter is the first social media to bring in the concept of hashtags, but it doesn’t mean that you should be stuffing your tweets with lots of hashtags. If you put a lot of hashtags on your twitter posts, it would negatively impact your reach rather than benefiting. On the other hand, you should be using up to 2 hashtags only and it will double the organic reach of your tweet.


So Instagram is the place for hashtags, you can use up to 30 hashtags for your post. And it is recommended that you use all the 30 in your posts because, in Instagram unlike Facebook, maximum people search for hashtags and that is where you can get found by many new audience using your hashtags. If you want to know the exact strategy on how to use the 30 hashtags to increase your reach.


Hashtags were announced in Pinterest in 2018. So if we talk about Pinterest and hashtags, there are still not enough studies which show how hashtags affect the reach of pins in Pinterest. On Pinterest, people search keywords and not hashtags. So, it wouldn’t make much of a difference if you include hashtags on your pins or not.


LinkedIn has also added the concept of hashtags very recently. But we can say that hash tagging is good for increasing the reach on LinkedIn because while introducing hashtags to the platform, LinkedIn has also introduced a search method focusing on hashtags. So people do actually search for hashtags on LinkedIn. Although there is no upper limit on how many hashtags to be used on LinkedIn posts, but studies recommend that posts with maximum of 3 hashtags tend to perform better than others.

So, this is how you should use hashtags on different platforms. Though there are certain recommendations on how many hashtags to be used, you still need to check the quality of hashtags that you are using. There are various factors that you need to consider while checking a hashtag quality, like the popularity of hashtags, the reach of that hashtag, the kind of interaction taking place on that hashtag, and what kind of audience is using those hashtags.

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