How To Start Marketing On Social Media?

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

If you are setting up a business, then social media is the first place to be on, even before you get a website or a brick-n-mortar store.

Read out carefully to know the best tips to start marketing your business on social media right away

Social Media Is An Investment

“Social Media is not just an activity; it is an investment of valuable time and resources. Surround yourself with people who not just support you and stay with you, but inform your thinking about ways to WOW your online presence". Sean Gardener

Social media has already taken over the traditional marketing over the last few years. There is hardly any business however small or big which is not on social media or the online marketing space. But, it is seen that most of them which are there are not able to make use of the full potential of social media.

Top 5 Tips To Start Social Media Marketing Right Now !

Understand Which Social Media Is Best For Your Business

Every social media has a unique way of presenting the content and every platform is not well suited for every kind of business.

Based on the type of content, the different platforms are categorized as follows: Facebook is for promoting local events and building communities. YouTube is for solving problems, or educating the audience. Instagram is for visual branding and making personal connections. LinkedIn is for B2B lead generation and recruiting. Twitter is to spread news and connecting with influencers. Pinterest is for driving traffic to your websites.

Another aspect is that the type of audience present on each platform. If you want to attract an older demographic then, you can go for Facebook or LinkedIn. If you are looking for a younger demographic then you might want to use Instagram.

Start Creating Creative Content

Start creating content, even if you have no followers, you should still create content, because the content is going to get you the followers. But even before putting up content, you need to complete your profile. Whichever platform you choose, completing your basic and your business information in the page is utmost important. Your profile should be so well created that anyone who visits your page should instantly understand what he can expect from your page and what benefits he can get by following you. If you are not sure what content to be created, you can always check you closest competitors and influencers in your space, what kind of content they are creating. Even after that if you don’t get a clear idea, just start creating content around your daily experiences with your business.

Start Building Connections

Once you have started putting up content, you have to start building connections. The easiest ways to build connections are, engaging with the people in your space or niche. And how do you engage, comment on their posts, follow them, re-share their content, ask them questions or answer their questions. Make it a point to do engaging activities every day to build you connections, but keeping in mind the community guidelines.

Engagement Is Important

Don’t be on social media just for the follower count. Because the number of followers doesn’t matter unless you are getting the right kind of engagement on your content. Even if you only have 50 followers and all of them are engaging with your content, then all social platforms have this algorithm which would display your content automatically to a wider audience. But on the other hand, if you have 1000 followers are not even 10% of your followers are engaging with your content, then the algorithm would not display your content to any new audience at all. So, engagement is the key.

Do Not Start Marketing Your Business From The First Day

Do not start promoting your business to your followers from the day 1. Because if you that, it will be like promoting your stuff in front of strangers, and they would never buy from you. Rather they might un-follow or unsubscribe you. First give the audience enough time to understand you, provide them information, provide them value. Once you have built a trust in them, only after that, you should start promoting your business.

Follow these tips to start your social media marketing journey and gradually scale up the marketing strategies. If in doubt, contact us and let our experts do the work for you !

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