How To Choose Your Brand Colours?

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

All the colours look beautiful and add liveliness to your brand. But the does the colours that you chose represent your brand's identity? Not on to know.

Colours reveal a lot about the personality of your business. Every colour that you choose for your branding does not just beautify your material, rather it gives a deeper meaning and evokes an emotion in the viewers mind. So, it is very important that you choose the colours which portrays the identity of your business in the way you want.

The Colour Power

“Colour is a power that influence the soul.” - Wassily Kandinsky

Every colour has a meaning and likewise, every colour combination can have a totally different idea. For instance, blue as an individual colour exhibits calmness and serenity. But when you combine blue with gold, it exhibits royalty and grandeur. On the other hand, combination of blue and pink will show playfulness and fun.

So, the way you combine the colours for your brand will display your brand's personality.

There are certain steps to choose your brand colours:

Know The Identity Of Your Brand

Knowing your brand's identity is extremely important while choosing the brand colours. The identity of your brand may be categorized as trendy or timeless, prestigious or affordable, trustworthy or rebellious, friendly or formal, local or international, youthful or matured, rugged or refined likewise. Your brand identity can be one of them or a mix and match of 2 or 3 of them.

Understand The Meaning Of Each Basic Colour

Red - Red colour represents, energy, passion, power as well as danger. If your brand has any of the said traits, then you should go with red as your primary brand colour. Most of the food chains also use red and its hues in their branding because red stimulates appetite. Moreover, most websites use red colour for their call-to-action buttons as red colours catches the attention very fast.

Orange - Orange represents youthfulness, enthusiasm and confidence. You must have noticed that many energy drink brands or cold drink brands use orange as their brand colour as it displays youthfulness and hence portray these drinks as youth drinks. This colour also gathers the attention but not as daring as red.

Yellow - Yellow is again a youthful colour, but along with being youthful and bright, it represents hope and positivity. If your brand has anything to do with these traits, go for this colour

Green - Green represents prosperity and harmony. Unlike red, orange or yellow which are more daring and strong, green is a more subtle and relaxing colour. It has a more soothing influence on the viewer's mind.

Blue - Blue is a cool colour which as shows intelligence and trust. Most of tech based companies as well as many social media platforms use blue as their brand colour.

Purple - Purple colour always give a royal and prestigious feel. If your brand is about some premium or expensive affair, go with purple as your primary brand colour

Pink - Pink is for playfulness and femininity. As soon as you choose pink as the primary colour of your brand, it would give a feel of being soft and feminine.

Brown - Brown is an earthy colour. It represents sustainability, stability and wholesomeness. Brown combined with green gives an instant feel of anything natural, organic or herbal.

Black - Black portrays power and sophistication. If you want to give a highly aspirational and exclusive feel to your brand, then black should be your primary brand colour.

White - White expresses minimalism and simplicity. With white as the primary brand colour, you can give a simple yet modern and elegant feel to your brand.

So, these were the meanings of individual colours. You can always use multiples colours also, rather than going monochromatic. Use of multiple colours in from exciting palettes shows creativity, playfulness and informality.

Now, that you know the meaning of colours, you can choose the ones that best relates to your brand. If you are still unsure, open your pinterest or instagram accounts and look out for some inspiration from the famous artists. You can always use various tools for creating your colour palette Coolers, ColorMind, ColorSpace etc.

So, if you want to create astonishing brand logos, marketing items or anything creative to represent your brand. Reach out to Mikhael's Creative Corner.

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